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Updating Minimo

Update Minimo clone

Just replace the themes/minimo folder with the latest version of Minimo clone, i.e. delete the old folder and clone again:

rm -rf themes/minimo
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/MunifTanjim/minimo themes/minimo

Then, commit the changes:

git add themes/minimo
git commit -m "update [theme]: minimo"

Update Minimo submodule

cd themes/minimo
git checkout master
git fetch && git pull
cd ../..
git add themes/minimo
git commit -m "update [theme]: minimo"

To Do After Updating Minimo

After updating Minimo, always check that your site’s config.toml file matches the latest config.toml file format.

A good idea is to double check all the Configuration settings of Minimo.

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