Menus Setup Guide

Table of Contents

Minimo has three menus.

  1. Main Menu
  2. Sidebar Menu
  3. Social Menu

name: main

Main menu is located at the top of the site.

Check Hugo’s Menus Documentation for information about managing this menu.

You can hide the Main Menu using the following option in your config.toml file:

hideMainMenu = true

name: sidebar

Social Menu is available as Widget: sidebar_menu. Add it to the sidebar Widget Area to use it.

You can use Sidebar Menu as normal Hugo Menus.

Or you can use it to mirror another menu by using the sidebar_menu.mirror option in your Widgets Configuration File. For example, this will mirror the Main Menu:

mirror = "main"

The sidebar menu can display nested menus. The sub-pages need to have a page as parent defined in the page’s front matter:

      parent: myParentPage

Social Menu

Social Menu is available as Widget: social_menu. You can add it to Widget Areas to use it.

Use the variables under [] in your config.toml file for adding your social profiles:

codepen = "..."
email = "..."
facebook = "..."

You only have to add your usernames. Minimo will take care of the rest.

Changing Social Menu Icons Order

If you want to change the order of the social menu icons, use the social_menu.platforms option in your Widgets Configuration File.

The social menu icons will appear in the order you specify in the platforms array.