Search Support

Table of Contents

Minimo supports the following clients for the search feature:

Follow the following steps for enabling search in your site.

Create Search Page

First of all, you’ll need to create a search page.

Create a markdown file under /content/page/ directory with the filename search. If your site is multilingual, you can include language code in the filename. For example:

  • /content/page/
  • /content/page/

Add the following options in the frontmatter:

type: page
layout: search
  - html
  - json

Select Search Client

For selecting the client for search feature, use the following options in your config.toml file:

client = ""
  • [Map]:
    • client [String]: Name of the Search Client (supported values: algolia,fuse,lunr)

Client Specific Steps

The next steps are different for each search client:

After you complete those steps, you are good to go!

Add Search Widget

You might also want to add the search widget.