Authors Setup Guide

Minimo supports multiple authors for your site. Just make sure you have the following configuration in your site’s config.toml:

author = "authors"

Minimo treats Authors as a Hugo Taxonomy.

Author’s Profile

For adding an author to your site:

  • Create data/authors folder in your site’s root directory
  • Create a file with the filename format: <username>.toml

Now, add information about the author using the structure below:


id = "muniftanjim"

username = "muniftanjim"
host = ""

display = "Munif Tanjim"

email = ""
facebook  = "MunifTanjim"
twitter = "MunifTanjim"

You can use either the [email] fields or the [] field. You don’t need to fill them both. However, it is encouraged to use [email] instead of [].

Adding Authors to Contents

For adding authors to your content include the following option in your content’s front-matter:

authors: ["muniftanjim"]
  • authors [Array of Strings]: username of authors

That’s all.